Academy Agenda: Month by Month

(Note: Slight changes might be made to the order and flow of the following content items.  All items, however, will be covered throughout the course of the program.)  building

Session One:  Emersion Event 

  • Official 2018 Rudolph Foods Leadership Academy Launch: Establishing Academy expectations, outcomes, process, etc.
  • The Starting Point: Establishing each participant’s current leadership and management strengths and obstacles, and defining individual learning paths.
  • Individual Academy Goals: Creating learning ‘targets’ for each participant to be achieved during the fourteen-month program.
  • Leadership ‘Legacy’:  Defining each participant’s Rudolph Foods leadership ‘legacy’.
  • Defining “Management” & “Leadership”: What do great managers do? What do great leaders do?  What is the difference between “management” and “leadership?”  Can a manager do both?
  • Upward Leadership: Leading your boss so you both win.
  • Self-Leadership: Learning to lead yourself, and ultimately being the change you want to see in this organization and your team; proactively creating your desired results, both at work and at home.
  • Creating Collaborative Partnership: Building bridges across the organization at the management level.
  • Practicing ‘Choice’: Building your foundation of personal responsibility –and recognizing the power of choice in the workplace.  Discovering what happens when you don’t give choice – or practice choice yourself.
  • Prior to Next Session: Application of Session Learning & Peer Coaching.

 Session Two: Empowerment and Effective Communication Skills 

  • Empowerment: Empowerment is the most misunderstood concept in organizations today! What is it? What is it not? How does a manager use empowerment to create higher levels of commitment, responsibility, focus, ownership and accountability? Learning multiple dimensions of this complex process – in order to implement empowerment in a simple way!
  • Effective Communication Skills:  Using verbal and non-verbal communication to speak and listen more effectively; understanding the role of listening; utilizing communication options (e-mail, v-mail, face to face and when to use them); and exploring communication styles.
  • Prior to Next Session:  Application of Session Learning & Peer Coaching.

Session Three: Motivation and Building Teams

  • Motivating Employees:  Exploring the range of motivational factors; understanding internal vs. external motivators; optimizing generational differences in the workplace; leading ‘change’ with multiple personality styles; and dealing with resistance to change.
  • Fostering Team Work:  Gaining skills and ideas to create a truly high performance team; designing self-managing teams; recognizing typical dysfunctions of teams and how to move past them; and ultimately learning to build a strong team culture.
  • Prior to Next Session:  Application of Session Learning & Peer Coaching.

 Session Four: Handling Difficult Behaviors and Emotions in the Workplace and Performance Development and Management

  • Handling Difficult Behaviors and Emotions in the Workplace: Dealing with differences among team members; resolving conflict in a constructive and proactive manner.
  • Performance Development and Management: Using the performance appraisal and development process to support employee effectiveness; creating employee and team accountability (with the suggestion, request and require method); documenting behavior and implementing disciplinary processes.
  • Prior to Next Session:  Application of Session Learning & Peer Coaching.

Session Five: Effective Decision Making and Problem Solving and Coaching for Performance

  • Effective Decision Making and Problem Solving: Understanding and utilizing the full range of decision making options (command/control; consultation; consensus and delegation); approaching problem solving from a systemic viewpoint (including diagnosis of problem ‘root causes’; being intentional and proactive when solving problems.
  • Coaching for Performance – Including giving and receiving candid and constructive feedback.  Inspiring improvement of performance in others.
  • Prior to Next Session:  Application of Session Learning & Peer Coaching.

 Session Six: Interviewing and Hiring and Managing and Leading Change

  • Behavioral Interviewing and Hiring: What are the questions that great managers ask in the interview process? What do they avoid asking?  Learning how to bring the right people into the right positions in this organization; using an understanding of personality styles to become an even more effective interviewer.
  • Managing & Leading Change – “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed”. With this understanding, how can a manager effectively lead change?  Creating an environment in which ‘change’ is owned by all participants and team members choose desired changes. 
  • Prior to Next Session:  Application of Session Learning & Peer Coaching.

Session Seven:  Delegation and Time Management and Resilience, Curiosity and Happiness in the Workplace

  • Delegation and Time Management: Learning the basics of delegation; understanding the difference between delegation and empowerment; handling interruptions; the many ways to say “no”.
  • Resilience, Curiosity and Happiness in the Workplace – Including the role of curiosity during uncertain times; dealing with ambiguity; managing fear in the face of change; and building personal strength for the long haul.
  • Prior to Next Session:  Application of Session Learning & Peer Coaching.

Session Eight: Graduation and Celebration!

  • Creativity: Finding new ways to solve old problems; seeing challenges differently; getting out of the box!
  • Peer Coaching of Modules: Ensuring that everyone graduates with flying colors by teaching one another!
  • Taking Stock!  Recapping Academy experiences and learning/ reviewing the new toolkit.
  • Planning: So what. Now what?  Where do we go from here?
  • Individual Leadership Vision and Legacy!  What will you be remembered for as a leader and manager? Individual leadership presentations.    
  • Graduation — and Celebration!

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