Leadership Academy Outcomes

  • Building Leadership/Management Self-Awareness: Increasing each participant’s understanding of his/her strengths (to build upon them) and identifying key weaknesses (that hinder effectiveness and ability to lead/manage).
  • Building Skill: Helping each participant to expand his/her toolkit and resources with which to be effective in management and leadership roles.
  • Working Differently, not just Harder: Allowing each participant to personally discover ways to work ‘differently’ rather than simply ‘harder’ in his/her given role.
  • Creating Legacy: Helping each participant define and create his/her leadership ‘legacy’ both professionally and personally.
  • Defining Expectations: Creating shared expectations and standards for management and leadership throughout the United Power organization.
  • Creating a Stronger Organization: Building leadership and cultural strength across and throughout the departments via increased competency at the management levels.
  • Launching a Life-Long Leadership Development Path: Helping each participant to establish a leadership platform and development path that extends far beyond this Academy experience. Leadership development and management competence in today’s world are clearly not a task to be accomplished but an ongoing life priority and process.


Leadership Academy Approach    

  • Applied Learning: Placing the learning process within the context of specific challenges faced by managers/leaders in their unique departments.
  • Practical: Providing tangible skills and tools to promote effectiveness within each manager’s specific roles.
  • Personalized: Placing the learning process within the context of each individual’s personal leadership path and desired legacy.
  • Research Based: Utilizing learning technologies that are proven to work for leaders around the globe.
  • Real-Time Learning: Participants have the opportunity to not just “talk” or “think” about change, but to actually experiment and implement change during the program.
  • Ongoing Learning Processes: A program structure that allows participants to continue learning between formal training sessions (through the use of homework, peer coaching, experimentation, learning goals, etc.)



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